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What is a tree farm,Look After The Environment – Be A Tree Farmer Articles ever heard of such a thing? Well you can stop thinking Christmas scenes, and snow-men because I am not talking about Christmas trees. Although a tree farm may indeed have Christmas trees, in fact it can have any type of forestry – including all those evergreens that are used around Christmas-time.

The main principle behind a tree farm is the protection of the woodland from weather, disasters, and negative forest management and practices. These farms are owned privately by any individual who wants to be committed and to being environmentally responsible. Guidelines for managing this type of farm are provided by the American Forestry Foundation, and the program itself was developed in the 1940’s and has been running since.

Some of the requirements are that a certified tree farm must be of a certain size, i.e. between 10 and 10,000 acres. This size refers to the amount of land that is actually given over to forest. The owner has to agree a plan for the management of the forest land which has to be currently utilized for forest products which may include timber. As well as that the owner must guard the forest against threats such as fires, diseases, and insects. There are other requirements but those are the main ones.

Best practice and conservation methods can be obtained through the American Forestry Foundation and they can also give good information with regard to harvesting, protecting, and maintaining your forest land. A magazine, which comes as a benefit of being a tree farmer, also provides valuable up to date information on managing your farm. Of course to enable you to utilise these conservation methods properly and mak the work you will need a chainsaw. Should you need some help in obtaining the right saw for your needs check out Chansaw Reviews before you purchase.

There are lots of benefits to becoming a certified tree farmer; some of these are:

A special certificate

A sign designating your land as a certified tree farm

A subscription to the tree farmer magazine.

Tree farmers are sometimes recognized for their help in protecting the environment and some can even gain increased profits on their forest products.

In addition to these rewards which are provided by the American Forestry Foundation, there are natural benefits as well. Maintaining your woodlands under the guidelines of the American Forestry Foundation can help with watershed, the quality of the water on your land, and help provide a safe environment for the creatures that live on your land. Protecting your forest can also provide a number of recreational benefits as well. However the main benefit to be had is just the fact that you will feel great about what you are doing.

The process of becoming a certified tree farmer involves having your woodlands inspected, this inspection does not involve any fee payment. In fact, the volunteer inspector can help and advise you on your management plan and answer any questions you may have about the process. If you are interested in becoming a certified tree farmer then you should first of all contact your local forestry service or the American Forestry Foundation.

It should be remembered that tree farms are not beneficial just to the owner of the tree farm, in fact, this program is beneficial to all Americans. Looking after nature should be a common goal and we all need to play our part where we can. The American Forestry Foundation is giving individuals who have the right type of land the power to do their part through their program. You can support the foundation or learn more information about the foundation online.

What is the future scope of BSc in agriculture ?

The career prospects after a BSc in agriculture are bright as India is predominantly an agrarian economy with 60% dependent on agriculture.

As long as humanity survives,What is the future scope of BSc in agriculture ? Articles we need agriculturists to invent high yielding crops.

Because of the pandemic, all sectors of the economy shrank except agriculture. Hence, it is an evergreen industry which is recession proof.

Companies like Mahindra & Mahindra sold a record number of tractors even during the pandemic, when urbanites were hard pressed to control their expenses.

This proves that rural incomes have not dwindled even during the pandemic.

With the sustained efforts of Dr Swami Nathan Hero of the green revolution, India has a surplus production of food grains that feeds its burgeoning population.

Not even China is self-sufficient in food grains. Families in China cannot purchase rice more than their stipulated amount, as they lack technology for surplus production of food.

Rich rural households will envy any city dweller because of their quality of life. This is because of improved incomes by adopting scientific modes of farming.

India has a chain of agricultural universities, be it central or state owned, which train on scientific methods of farming. This has augmented farmer’s income.

These universities offer tremendous job opportunities for agriculture graduates. Apart from these, research centers employ agricultural scientists in large numbers.

The farmer is enjoying the fruits of innovative farming techniques which reflect in his quality of life.

Majority of the students enrolled in private universities in north India come from farming communities.

They have the purchasing power to educate their wards in private institutions. A course in agriculture is gaining momentum owing to the adoption of new techniques in agriculture.

With the world craving for organic diet, there is huge potential for agriculture graduates. They can become entrepreneurs & create jobs for others.

Our scientists have developed an apple variety which grows in Telangana as well. We all heard that apple grows in colder regions only. No longer the case.

Innovation has provided ample opportunities for agriculture students in every domain.

Agriculture graduates find employment in pesticides & weedicide manufacturing companies, as these products are in good demand.

Farmers are desperate for achieving hi yielding crops.

Horticulture trains on growing fruits & vegetables scientifically. This opens up adequate opportunities for graduates.

We know landscaping & plant nurseries are mushrooming in every city. We can spot families buying ornamental plants for their terrace & balcony gardens.

This proves that the sky is the limit for agriculture graduates. Moreover Pomology is the specialized branch that deals with growing of fruits.

With rising incomes, they are concerned about maintaining a good health. They want to have fruits every day to recharge their immunity.

People want to consume organically grown fruits & vegetables. This requires agriculture experts who are trained in growing food products free of chemicals.

There is no dearth of job prospects for agriculture graduates. Over the years, I have visited many colleges for FDP & seminars, but one college worth mentioning is –

Best agriculture colleges in Meerut

The school of agricultural sciences at VGI Meerut offers skill based education that makes the student job ready. We have created world class infrastructure that nurtures industry skills, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in up.

Agriculture is growing rapidly owing to the burgeoning population. We direly need techniques that improve the crop yield. Farmers are searching for ways to augment their incomes.

VGI’s state-of-the-art laboratories & workshops offer the perfect atmosphere to nurture innovative skills, thus making us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut. We motivate students to work on the latest machines that boost innovation & hands-on skills.

VGI has its own farmlands where students learn to experiment with new techniques of agriculture.

We have installed new farming machines that educate students on the advancements in agriculture, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut.

The seminar halls at VGI are bustling with expert talks & symposiums on the new techniques of agricultural sciences.

The conference hall provides the serene environment for discussions, thus making us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut.

The college library provides ample books & e-resources to enhance the knowledge of the students.

We provide a computing lab that helps for in-depth analysis, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut.

We evaluate innovative agriculture technique & show them in the farmlands for nurturing hands-on skills.

We have tied up with IARI for doing research on various government projects. Our students, have applied for maximum patents, thus making us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut.

The faculty recruited at VGI are veterans from premier institutes like IARI, BHU, & central universities. We ensure they transmit key skills to the students that improve their job prospects.

The faculty encourages them to take part in discussion that clarifies concepts thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut UP. Majority of the faculty members are doctorates who impart research based learning to the students.

Our faculty members take part in FDPs conducted by IARI to enhance their knowledge & skill set. This way they pass on key skills that lead to placement, thus making us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut.

Advancement in agronomy is crucial for the growth of the nation, as 60% of the populace depends on it.

VGI employs the latest tools & techniques to nurture scientists, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut.

We make our students’ job ready through internship. VGI has tied up with the leading companies for the internship of the students.

They gain hands-on skills crucial for placement to make us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut.

Most of the students get placed after completing their internship as we train on the current trends in agriculture.

With MNC’s the need for qualified personnel is on the rise. Farmers want to adopt hi yielding methods of farming that boost their income.

India, being an agrarian economy, VGI trains on the scientific methods of agricultural technology, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut.

Our research fellows do research on key areas of seed science & agronomy that augment the farmer’s income.

VGI believes in application based understanding of the concepts. Our teaching method involves students in the learning process that fosters real learning through practice.

Students take part in experiments, projects & field work where they gain practical know how crucial for excellence in their field. They gain skill by experimenting in labs that refine their knowledge, thus making us the best BSC agriculture colleges in Meerut.

We have been able to achieve this by adopting a futuristic curriculum. We have devised the curriculum in consultation with industry for imparting job ready skills.

Our course committee interacts with industry experts & drafts a skill oriented curriculum. This way we teach what they require in the market.

Our students find lucrative placements owing to their industrial skills, thus making us the best agriculture colleges in Meerut.

We hold parlays with research institutions & central universities to incorporate current teaching methods that harness true learning.

Dr Sudhir Giri Chairman Venkateshwara Group is particular about imparting skills that make the student’s job ready.

With a mission of imparting ‘affordable education & healthcare for all’, he has trained over 5, 00,000 youth & helped them realize their professional desires.

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